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Virtual reality is a stimulating experience which takes you far away from reality or very close to it. Applications that enable this unique adventure can be for recreational or educational purposes. With our visual reality technology, your experience of history can’t be short of mind-blowing and striking. Feel what it was like with the Vikings of the old times and get on our playground to revel the exhilaration of theme park high rides and drops.

We have a collection of videos to put you through how to utilize our equipment. Kindly go through our about us page to understand what we’re about and let our mission and vision keep you with us on this adventurous ride.

Top Games of the house

Experience The Hyped

Jurassic World Evolution

Theme Park Rides

Iron Tides VR

The Walking Dead Onslaught

Playstation Beat Saber


Amazing Virtual Reality Gaming

Amazing Virtual Reality Gaming Virtual reality (VR) is a concept that has been around for many decades. However, the best VR headsets only became accessible to end-users recently due to usability and cost reasons. VR appeared to be vaporware except for a few great...

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A Different Gaming Experience Available Around the World

A Different Gaming Experience Available Around the World Technology makes anything possible, including enjoying the thrills of mind-blowing theme parks just with a virtual reality headgear. To catch up with the fun, you have to know where this type of magic happens....

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