June Reinforcements

Hail Warriors,

Mercenaries have made their way onto the battlefield. With improved shields, new abilities, and a bold leader, these new enemies are much tougher than the Black Fleet pirates. You will need to train your warriors well. Remain fearless, and victory shall be yours!

Full Steam Ahead!

We are in the process of moving the updates to Steam. The demo will no longer be updated on the website as we move closer to the final version with all new features and content for Steam Early Access. In addition to the new quests, enemies, and bosses to discover, we will be releasing an entirely new warrior for you to bring into battle: The Wolf Priestess! We look forward to delivering this update to all our Kickstarter Backers. Late Backers can still pre-order the game at IronTides.com to get access to all of this content (at a discount) when we go to Early Access!


New Contest

We have been getting a lot of feedback from the community, which has helped considerably in development. In return, we are putting together another contest giveaway! The details are still being worked out, but we are hoping to make this one much bigger with your support and include more winners and a variety of in-game prizes 🙂 Stay up to date on new developments by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and as always you can directly contact us at [email protected]

Stay Ruthless!