What is Virtual Reality?

The places you have dreaded to visit, you can visit them using digital technology protocols. It’s a platform where you get to experience a certain location without physically being present. It is designed for fun or educational purposes.

Can both adults and kids enjoy the VR games?

We have no age limit when it comes to VR gaming. Kids as young as five years have something to play. The older generation also has something interesting and fun to learn from our games. That is the power of our multilevel platforms.

Can I invite my friends to join the game?

Of course, yes, we have a multiplayer platform for both online and offline console. You can play with your friends irrespective of their location as long as you are connected to the VR web.

How many people can you accommodate at a time?

We have up to 15 VR stations that mean we can host at least 15 people ago in our arcade. Is it possible to hire your equipment for an event? We have a rental facility where you get to hire our equipment at a fee. The package comes with delivery, set up among other services you may require. 

Talk to us to get a quotation based on the hours and the location.

What else in terms of service can I get from Iron Tides?

Here are some of our services

  • VR rental package
  • Social interaction experience
  • VR for events
Apart from individuals, do you also have a package for groups?

Our main clientele is the corporate staff. Whether you are a staff of 20 or 50, we are here to give you a memorable team building, and conflict resolution experience, all in a build t enhance teamwork in your corporate entity.

What is the time limit per game?

You are entitled to choose your time limit. Whether it’s five minutes or one hour, please stay in the game as long as you feel comfortable and energetic to play it.

What gadgets do you use to enhance your sound system?

We use the latest headset- a renowned brand with vibrant sound enhancement systems.

Can I bring personal wired headphones?

Due to the high level of fraud cases, including malware, we only use our accredited headphones to prevent unauthorized entry to our VR system.

What is the difference between VR and AR equipment?

VR- Virtual Reality uses computer generation consoles to have full control using the controllers and headphones. AR –Augmented Reality uses a digital image over an already existing real image.

 At Iron Rides, we have all of them, and they come as a package. You have to choose what works for you.

How long can I rent the VR equipment?

Since we set up and deliver in person. We give a maximum of 3 hours for the individual and a day for groups. However, subject to staff availability during off-peak times, you can have it as long as it’s available.

 We only restrict during peak hours, and this comes at a higher cost.

What happens if I delay or still need more time with the equipment?

We advise clients to follow the timelines on the agreement. However, in case of a breach of contract, there are additional charges stipulated at the back of the agreement contract.

What is your strategy for loyal customers?

We have a loyalty program that accumulates points the moment you use our services. You can redeem the points free of charge, subject to the value of the points at a specific time.

For registered members, they get to hire the equipment at subsidized rates

What if I want to play my games on your equipment?

We will disappoint you on this. We only play games within our console. However, if you want to play a specific game, consult our staff to download it for you and continue to enjoy our VR shows

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