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Attention: Demo will no longer be updated after June 16

Sail through Iron Tides with your hand-selected crew. A challenging “rogue-like” Viking simulator designed to keep you thinking with quick, turn-based combat. Battle your enemies and explore an open-world at sea (a good chieftain will always make it back home to Norhaven). Keep your war band alive!!!

Think you can survive in Iron Tides?

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Become a shield warrior and pre-order Iron Tides. We’re coming to Steam in Summer.

Community Driven Goals:

We'll be launching a few community stretch goals within our campaign too! Anyone who retweets, likes, or shares our posts will help encourage us to create new content. A few things the community will have control over:

A special in-game consumable: Stew (If we get 100 Shield Warriors). The hunt for the "Epic Loot": If we find Epic Loot through our campaign, we create a randomly-generated skill that gives you +2 Glory for every space traveled.

Tier Structures.

We have different price tiers for every type of backer! The prices have been listed below. Check out our devlog on Tigs forum for a detailed examination.

  • Thrall: $1.00
  • Plunderer: $10.00 (Early Bird)
  • Warrior: $15.00
  • Shield Warrior: $20.00
  • Chieftain: $35.00
  • Singing Chieftain: $55.00
  • Raiding Party: $75.00
  • Tale of Norhaven: $100.00
  • Paragon: $250.00
  • Viking Legend: $500.00