Welcome to the Iron Tides Community Conquest Campaign!

We are celebrating our arrival on Steam Early Access with a new contest!

We will be giving away a copy of the Iron Tides some lucky winner on our email list, but there’s a twist.

The more the community conquers in the Iron Tides, the more rewards there will be!

Want in the contest?

Just register your email for updates, and you’re in the draw!

On August 30th we will be randomly selecting people from our email list to win loot. Make sure yours is on it and keep up to date by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, and the regular monthly updates on this blog. As we gain more emails, Twitter followers, and Facebook Likes, we will open more rewards to unlock.

Streamers, Let’s Players, and all Early Access adopters

You will be the armed force that drives this contest forward. Your actions will allow everyone to unlock and earn more rewards.

Every island and ship you raid, every enemy you defeat, and every warrior you send to Valhalla will count towards unlocking more loot to win! Every player’s total is combined for the final number, so you’ll all be working together.

Think you have what it takes for the front lines? Send an email to [email protected] and you might get a Steam key so you can start raiding immediately!

Now get out there and raid!

We will be updating totals every few days, or when players meet milestones to unlock rewards. New rewards are unlocked as we get more emails, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes and level up the Raiding Party!

Current Loot:

  • 3 separate draws for a Copy of the Iron Tides on Steam!
  • 2 new ship skins added to the development pipeline
  • New Valkyrie Skin added to the development pipeline

To all supporters, we thank you!

During Steam Early Access, we ask all players to help us polish the full version of the game by reporting any bugs, and all feedback to [email protected]

Any feedback we get helps us give you, the community the best possible game we can.

For Glory!