August Additions

Greetings Warriors,

These past few weeks into our release have been incredible. We have had many Let’s Players reviewing our game, review sites love us, and we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from our Steam discussion board.

With the initial excitement of launch spurring us forward, and with all the great insight we are receiving from our community, we will be moving forward with new features and content additions that we will be able to share with backers and Early Access supporters through development!

The Wolf Priestess

Our biggest new feature coming soon is the Wolf Priestess class. This will take the most amount of time to develop out of the next items in the development pipeline, so we don’t have an ETA on this yet. We are hoping that you will enjoy everything she is capable of, and tear across the battlefield with her!

Viking Crew Changes

Players have made it clear that they wish they had a more robust system for managing a Viking crew. We will soon be implementing a build that will allow players to place Vikings in a reserve if they do not wish to send them on a voyage, but still, wish to keep them. Once we are happy enough with the quality of this system, we will push it forward so that players may try it out for themselves 🙂

New “Brutal” Difficulty Option

For those looking for a truly dangerous voyage, we invite you to start a campaign on the “Brutal” difficulty setting. This setting is still being worked on, and we require your feedback to make it a truly unique challenge for those who want to truly earn their victories. Even our veteran testers are finding this setting very challenging!

Other New Features

We have other big changes coming down the pipeline as well, based on some player feedback, but until we get closer to the finished version, we will only really be able to hint at it 😉 For the time being, we can only say that we really appreciate the feedback we have been getting on the discussion boards, through Twitter, from Facebook, and sent to our email.

Thank you again for backing our project, and for continuing to show your support!

For Glory!