Amazing Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) is a concept that has been around for many decades. However, the best VR headsets only became accessible to end-users recently due to usability and cost reasons.

VR appeared to be vaporware except for a few great demos.


Today headsets are increasingly less dependent on external hardware. Moreover, developers are working on first-party games that fully exploit the medium. With all kinds of game choices on the market, there’s something for every virtual gaming fan.

VR is more realistic than ever. And, it’s not just about the different game genres you can enjoy playing from the comfort of your home. Alternate worlds include anything from soaring like birds via NYC to ducking fire-breathing dragons on rollercoasters.

VR technology is slowly creeping into modern everyday life. Designed to aid shoppers on high streets and support education, it’s not just gamers and tech nerds who’re enjoying the experience of virtual gaming.

For example, over 400 job candidates were put through a VR experience during recruitment at Lloyds Banking Group in the previous year.

Experiencing VR, also known as augmented reality, whether you’re a newbie or not, involves strapping on earphones and a VR headset for immersive 3D experiences.

Here’re some fun virtual gaming experiences worldwide in a town near you to consider:

Worldwide’s iPilot

Have you ever wished to become a pilot? iPilot is the closest you’ll ever get to fly a commercial plane without joining a school for pilots. Choose from a list of flight simulator programs at various locations around the globe ranging from Dubai to Prague.

You’ll learn how to take off flights and land from your chosen airports. You’ll also navigate and experience being both a pilot and a co-pilot. The realistic virtual experience requires you to bring your proper ID.

Wherever you decide to travel for an exceptional virtual experience, you’re guaranteed endless fun. Additionally, you can enjoy a virtual reality experience from the comfort of your home as you desire.


Amsterdam’s THE VR Cinema

This next-generation movie theater no longer houses a gigantic screen and reclining seats. They’ve been replaced with Samsung Galaxy S6 glasses and swiveling chairs, which now call Amsterdam’s the VR movie theater home.

Choose from among the four VR films that last for 30 minutes. They include:

  • Animated films
  • Documentaries
  • Journeys
  • Sci-fi films

Even those with sight issues can comfortably wear the available goggles over their eyeglasses for a virtual experience like no other. This is unlike most VR headsets on the market.

Copenhagen’s Demon Rollercoaster

The first VR rollercoaster is in Copenhagen, Scandinavia. Located in Tivoli Gardens, it’s one of the oldest amusement parks worldwide. The virtual experience is known as The Demon and features a rollercoaster-like no other.

You’ll experience an insatiable VR thrill experience of demon dimensions, 50-mile-an-hour speeds, 4Gs, firecrackers, and fire-breathing dragons. There’s lots of fun for everyone.


Toronto’s VR House

Toronto is the new home of VR arcades. Queen West’s VR House offers some of the best virtual experiences in Canada. The lounge isn’t just for hard-core gaming enthusiasts and you can choose from a range of new releases.

Other options include climbing Mt. Everest, experiencing the Cirque du Soleil center of the action, and scuba diving with whales. Access to remote snowy villages and beaches lined with palm trees allow for meditation if you have trouble visualizing happiness in your life.

Worldwide’s Birdly

Parachute jumping is a risky endeavor yet the closest you’ve ever come to flying. With Birdly, you can still experience flights through terra firma, a motion simulator. All you’ve got to do is take a bird position.

You’ll feel like you’re actually flying and explore NYC from a bird’s eye view, all thanks to a fan that resembles wind and wings you can easily control.

Visit Pittsburgh’s National Aviary, Paris’ MK2 VR, and Singapore’s Science Center for similar virtual experiences.


SoReal in China

Until you wear your VR gear, you won’t expect SoReal to be much different from other amusement parks you’ve experienced.

Touted as the first VR theme park worldwide, SoReal sits in China’s eastern province of Jiangxi. Visit the over 10,000-square-foot theme park in Beijing for a realistic-like virtual experience.

You’ll battle monsters, time travel and watch 4D movies. The co-founder and director Zhang Yimou is popular for films such as the “House of Flying Daggers” and the Beijing Olympics’ 2008 opening ceremony.

Ghostbusters in Dimension, New York City (NYC)

A Utah-based start-up business known as Void has grown to become a popular virtual reality provider.  It combines VR with actual reality and wireless equipment to offer a hyper-reality experience.

Ghostbusters at Madame Tussauds in Dimension, NYC is the company’s first public venture. The virtual experience has earned the reputation of exceptional life-like experience through rave reviews, instead of a tourist trap from hell.

However, it’s you to determine whether getting slimed is part of the fun or not.


Australia National Museum’s David Attenborough

Are you a fan of Australia’s David Attenborough’s documentaries about nature? If yes, this is a must-add VR experience to your list.

You won’t just experience time traveling with Attenborough, but also virtual experience in another section of the globe.

Follow David to the start of time where you’ll engage with ancient creatures such as Anomalocaris. Alternatively, explore the modern-day Great Barrier Reef for scuba diving to swimming with realistic sharks and colorful fish.

You’ll also learn about the future prospects of the reef.

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