A Different Gaming Experience Available Around the World

Technology makes anything possible, including enjoying the thrills of mind-blowing theme parks just with a virtual reality headgear.

To catch up with the fun, you have to know where this type of magic happens. So let’s take you through the best virtual reality experience from around the world that you wouldn’t want to miss.


David Attenborough at the National Museum of Australia


Enjoyed watching Sir Frederick Attenborough unravel the mysterious world of animal and plant life on earth? Now it’s time to see things for yourself. At the National Museum of Australia, the VR technology helps demystify the origin of life, say Anomalocaris, just as the historian and naturalist, (Sir Frederick) narrated. Moreover, your VR experience at the museum also includes unfolding the Great Barrier Reef with your headset.

Birdy – Worldwide

No need for the parachute anymore; you can fly with birdly’s VR technology. Exploring the environment of this fantastic museum opens you up to the world of creatures with wings. The view from the Manhattan skyline and the tall skyscrapers are all yours to enjoy if you dare to put on your VR headset.


Centre VR – UK


Come in groups and enjoy the adventure of your dreams. Centre VR has an array of out-of-the-world visual landscapes, locations, with the precise environment to immerse you deeply into your fantasy or film.

If Hannibal, Spy Case, and Ace Ventura strike your nerve, then Center VR is a must-stop.


Demon Rollercoaster – Copenhagen, Denmark


Know what it’s like to come face-to-face with dragons, and watch them breathe fire around you? Copenhagen’s Demon rollercoaster brings you into that world and out of it alive. This virtual experience made possible by VR technology is nothing short of art and wonder.

VR Arcade – New Jersey, United States of America


Drop your gamepads at home and enjoy a blend of VR adventures at VR Arcade. A remarkable feature of this NJ virtual reality center is its wireless escape room. Fruit Ninja, Raw Data, Arizona Sunshine are an extensive collection of action virtual reality Arcade games waiting for you.

House of VR – Toronto, Canada


When you walk into the Virtual Reality Green Screen units of House of VR, indeed, anything can happen. The virtual reality lounge offers you virtual experience in meditation, gaming, tourism, and education.

What’s more? Your friends and family can be a part of the fun, as they enjoy the view of the virtual world you’re lost in through the help of the Mixed Reality Green Screen Experience armed with monitors and cameras.


The VR Cinema – Amsterdam, Netherlands


The VR Cinema, Amsterdam, just made watching movies on projection screens in the theatre so old school. Only by putting on your Samsung Gear VR, plus a couple of Sennheiser HD 201 headphones, you can watch VR movies of sci-fi, documentaries, and animations from any angle while tossing around in your chair.


iPilot – Worldwide


Missed out on your dream of becoming a pilot? Or would you like to take your flight training further? Then let iPilot make your wishes come true with its flight simulators for a day. Just by providing a legitimate ID, you get to savor the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being a pilot and copilot from any origin to the destination of your choice.

Ghostbuster Dimension

At Ghostbuster Dimension, ghosts exist at an ancient domicile in New York’s Garment District, and you can bust them along with your friends with a positron collider. If you want a VR experience worth your investment, then this high-end VR is a must-try.


SoReal – Beijing, China


At SoReal, you have so much to thank technology for – by wearing your VR gear, you can switch into the world of games and experience what it’s like to play fiercely. Watching 4D movies at the theatre is the icing on the cake.


Viking House – Stavanger, Norway


From Stavanger city, you can relive the age of the Vikings and experience all that you’ve heard and read about these historical people at Viking House. With state-of-the-art VR technology, visitors can see the legends of the Viking kingdom, and witness the memorable naval battle of Hafrsfjord all at once.

Now that you know where these funs are, take a break from reality and enjoy a new world of art, technology, and storytelling.

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