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Travelling Raid Blog: 2/3

We have four days left on Kickstarter and are coming to the end of our adventure. Our campaign is different from many others because we spent most of our time voyaging past the storms of Vancouver (a literal stormin attempt to playtest and gain exposure. 

Iron Tides is a viking-themed game that combines elements of survival and strategy. You step into the boots of a Viking Chieftain and prepare your crew for raid! As developers, we drew massive inspiration from our surrounding environment and personally find ruthless behaviour amusing and fun. 

Recap: Travel Blog 1/3

  • First we raided Full Indie at a bar called the Butcher and Bullock (had to get mead).
  • Then we raided an IndiePod at the Profile (recruiting warriors).
  • We joined a Women in Games Event at EXP gaming themed restaurant and bar (we have no comment). 


These creators know how to handle a community. They are the heart and soul of Downtown East Side and are known to throw epic parties across Vancouver. East Side Games are friends of ours who know a lot about user-testing and mobile games. They have a lot of swag in their stride, and are the core people behind Indie Power. 

Akimbo Creations

The new indies on the block, Akimbo Creations, have a snazzy office space with a chandelier. Perhaps it was the glint of the dangling crystals that drew us into this space -- the promised gem of Vancouver. Akimbo Creations are currently working on Arc Continuum, a third person action adventure game with rich lore and an epic soundtrack. 

Vancouver Film School

Across the way from East Side Games and EXP Bar and Restaurant, Vancouver Film School is the perfect place to stop by. This time, a Unity Developer's meetup kicked off the evening with a series of talks from game developers working in mobile games and pc games. 

We're not done yet!

We have one last travel blog to write up and are happy to announce our last raid with Capcom Vancouver will be featured in the write up. 

Thank you to the entire Vancouver community for coming together and allowing us to stop by with our game.

We're onto our final days on Kickstarter and at the time of writing this, we are 84% of the way there!

If you're unsure about our game, take a look at our demo and follow us on Twitter and our Facebook pages for more info.

Have a wonderful, ruthless day.