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Travelling Raid Blog: 1/3

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Hey folks! We are two Vancouver Vikings who are making a rogue-like dungeon crawler in the spirit of raiding and pillaging your way to the top. We are inspired by turn-based tactics like Final Fantasy meets Darkest Dungeon and Chess. 

Our game is called Iron Tides and it's currently on Kickstarter right now!

We are more than 50% of the way and hey, community, you've been great. In the last stretch of our campaign, we're aiming for bigger and better updates. Until now, all of our campaign exposure has surrounded the idea of "raiding" Vancouver for support and rallying new troops into joining us. We get asked how this works, and so we're introducing a series of blog posts that capture all our raiding adventures.

Our very first Raid.

With trusted axe and game demo, our very first raid began before our campaign was launched. From our hometown Vancouver, at local Full Indie Games meetup,  we stepped up to showcase our game.

Vancouver is a primordial soup of game talent eager to gather and meet. Game developer meetups are the blood-cells that pump the industry with life and meaning. Without getting too sentimental, Full Indie is a place for creative individuals to meet and demo their games for play testing purposes (before trades shows or otherwise), and also to mingle and network. Being a part of that space is sort of like the introduction to any very curious story. Oh you made a game? Where did you start?  Who knows who you'll meet in a crowded place. Full Indie is often held once a month and is visited by 200 patrons on average.


 Build 40-something. July 2016.

Build 40-something. July 2016.

Launch Party, Indie Pod

For quieter ventures, Indie Pod is a network of developers who are looking for mentorship and guidance. We could all use the boost when starting up, and it's nice to see other projects take off. We joined JJ at his Indie Pod for our launch party where we demo'd our game again, but this time, with cookies. 

 JJ even records the meetings and introduction portion for us right here:

EXP Bar and Restaurant: Gaming Themed

If you're a gamer and you live in Vancouver, there are only a few places you can go to enjoy gaming themed menus and drinks. EXP Bar is located down the street from local games studio East Side Games, and is uniquely situated a block away from Vancouver Film School. It is also the hippest place to be if you're in the mood to play a game and check out new themes or streamers on the big screen. 

We're still raiding!

We need your support over at Kickstarter. We're over 50% of our goal and it's going to be tight... but there's so much you can do (other than pledging) to help us!