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May's Show of Force

Hail Warriors

Our new Pirate Boss, Aegir, rises from below deck, and challenges your vikings in a new build (125)! He's a tough one, with a deadly crew to back him up. Get the demo, take him on in a Skirmish, and let us know what you think!

Investing Time Into Quality

And now for some bad news… Because of the work we are putting into combat, we are going to delay our release date (to make sure the game is up to the high standards we have promised you). This will allow us to fine tune everything and will give us much more time to gather additional player feedback and make adjustments.

Loot Is On Its Way

Great news! After a long journey, travelling miles to get here, they have arrived at our doorstep: The Backer DICE! We are now fulfilling the orders of our loyal Chieftains who stood by us in the Kickstarter. Thank you for your patience!

And lastly, for those MOST patient among us, we have the winner of our competition:  Defeat Jarhargal (our very first boss) with all 4 Vikings still alive... . That winner is…


Congratulations! You will receive your Steam Early Access steam key when Iron Tides arrives later this Summer.

We will have more contests and giveaways as we draw closer to game launch! Keep updated by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and drop us a line at support@irontides.com if you have any questions, comments, or feedback :)

Stay Ruthless!