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April Advance

Hail warriors,  

The first bit of important news, first….   

Iron Tides became the first Gaming Pitch Finalist at SxSW 2017!  

SXSW logo.png

Co-founder, Carina Kom, was able to pitch her way through the competition to become a finalist in the first ever SXSW Pitch Competition! Iron Tides was pitted against indie juggernauts, prevailed as legendary warriors, and stood proud amidst the competition. With this new wind in our sails, we hope to push forward and gain increased momentum until our launch date. The gods smile upon us!  

Development Is Going Strong

Thanks to your feedback, there have been some big changes to the game. We are streamlining the battle process, adding lots of content for you to explore and conquer. More enemies, the extra Kickstarter classes, and special challenges. There are 42 new maps to fight on! There so much ground to cover, what do you think we should move on first?

If you haven't played the demo recently, now is a great time to check it out. We have a new Mac build that is up to date with the PC build (Build 117). All Mac players, and friends of Mac players, please let everyone know so we can get everyone leading their own raiding party! Let’s build up our army!   

Speaking of Building…  

Another feature you may notice in the demo is the ability to design levels. We have been able to develop a very nice internal pipeline for developing new levels, which we have turned into some tools for you to try out :D Let us know what you think and submit your levels to us!  

  • Build a level  
  • Press “Output”  
  • CTRL + V the text on your clipboard to share it!  

This streamlining of the map-building has also revealed some strengths and weaknesses in enemy and viking abilities, so we have made some minor changes as well as new abilities. This is the best time to get feedback you have about characters and enemies in to us. We want to hear from you!  

As always, you can catch us online at FacebookTwitter, or directly email us at support@irontides.com!  

Stay Ruthless!