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Marching to SXSW

Hail warriors,

More work has been done behind the scenes. We have assets for maps, which has resulted in 30+ different levels; we will be rolling them out as we playtest and refine them. Quests have received a big update and are now with chained progression: as you complete quests you reveal more objectives and learn the stories of the Iron Tides!

We are also developing new classes. Once we have them play-tested, we’ll be submitting a limited build for Streamers and supporters (that means you!).

Kickstarter Backers

For those Kickstarter backers who are waiting for physical loot, the custom dice sets have been ordered! We are excited that you have chosen to support us, and look forward to the journey ahead. Steam Early Access is coming soon!

If you haven’t already, please check out our survey and let us know what you think. It’ll take all of 5 minutes, is 9 questions, and would help us determine where the strengths of the game are.

Crash Wave is going to South By Southwest!

Crash Wave games is travelling to Austin, Texas! We’ve been invited to participate in the gaming expo of South By Southwest! This will take Iron Tides to the next level. We will be there March 16-18; if you’re in the neighborhood, send us a message and let us know. We’d like to meet you!

Follow our Twitter, or Facebook for the quickest updates as the game develops, and drop us a line at support@irontides.com. Thank you again!