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February Features!

Hi warriors,

What a wonderful month of development! We have new game music composed by John McKiever and several brand new features/milestones ready to be tested. We have also fine-tuned several character classes that are all available in the new Iron Tides demo. And lastly, we have three new boss submissions (thank you backers and volunteers) which will be available in Early Access!

We have new navigation tools used to carefully plan your next move. The map is a mix of random and procedurally generated algorithms and we’ve added a bird’s-eye-view to assess your next move. With this navigation system in place, there is no reason to starve on the seas... wasted movements aren’t wise…

  The View of the Gods!

 The View of the Gods!

Backer rewards are also due this month. Again, we thank you for your support. We look forward to sending out your loot, and finally finishing what you helped us accomplish. We are humbled by your patronage and continued support as late backers continue to come in through our site. 

Last chance to try out our (free) demo!

Build 105 is available for download, but will permanently be closed as we draw close to Steam Early Access. We're slaying many new milestones and features, stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for the fastest updates! If you need to contact us about anything, please send us a line at support@irontides.com!

Stay Ruthless!