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Post-Pax Progress, Class Content, and Linux Update

Hello Warriors!

We're proud to announce that although we were unable to attend PAX, the creators of "Celeste" and "Wandersong" were able to represent Vancouver talent. Way to go guys! 

We've made some progress on our vikings since our last update, with two NEW classes and updates to our existing ones. We're also working towards developing our Linux build, which is a major addition for the patient Linux users out there. In order to make sure we get all the bugs ironed out and make sure the game is up to a certain standard, we're asking any and all Linux users to please contact the development team at Support@IronTides.com so we can set up some tests and get some technical feedback. We have also opened a thread on the Steam discussion board for any of our current users already on Steam to contact us as well and coordinate bug-hunting efforts.

As for our content updates, we're can't wait to release the new classes and class updates to all of our players to try out.


The Wolf Priestess is the main healer, who will be able to help boost the survival rate of your vikings to either make each fight much easier, or to allow you to challenge yourself against tougher foes to take down.


The Iron Breaker focuses on manipulating the enemy into position and breaks through enemy defenses. A must have for enemy factions that rely on formations or directional shields as part of their strategy!  

While we ran into some major problems while testing certain builds, we hope that we can have some kind of build update within the next week or so. We won't release the update until we're fairly certain that it won't cause any problems for our players, but we are working very hard to make sure that everything is resolved as soon as possible.  

Thank you for your support, and for backing the Iron Tides. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for faster updates on our progress as the game develops.

For Glory!