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The State of our Kickstarter

How to Raid a Kickstarter.

Iron Tides is preparing for a full-scale launch onto Kickstarter on September 28 - November 1. With all the hustle and bustle of the coming month, we look forward to sharing details of our launch, and we are eager to talk with all of you about our process. We have been in development for 12 months, and we feel ready to dive into the world of Kickstarter, after having achieved milestones such as Steam Greenlight (2015), Square Enix Collective (2016), and Casual Connect (2016). 

1. Rally the Warriors.

Have you downloaded a free demo of our game yet? With thanks to Alpha Beta Gamer, we've put our demo through three weeks of player testing -- and we are pleased to say that the feedback has been great!

Now, we are opening our channel to you - newcomers and seasoned fans alike.  All you have to do is complete the objective on the demo page and submit your thoughts to us at support@irontides.com, then us here at Crash Wave will hook you and your friends up with some free swag! 

2. Know Your Loot

We've invested much thought into the types of rewards we want to give away. With the amazing help of our friends and allies, we've come up with a base of interesting rewards that we know you'll love. Digital rewards include:

  • Your name in the credits.
  • A print-easy paper prototype of the Iron Tides concept (Complete with an interchangeable board, character cards, and rules!).
  • The complete OST with work from John McKiever and more!
  • Sheet music composed by John Robert Matz
  • In-game items featuring your likeliness.
  • And much, much more!

We value your support and we look forward to being able to bring you the aforementioned digital rewards.  However, digital rewards are easy to manage. Physical rewards, on the other handare something to be cherished, and we are pleased to offer you:

  • A 7-piece set of custom dice to use with your paper prototype.
  • Delicious sugar-cookies with a loot-hungry Viking theme!
  • A beautifully designed 10x8 inch hard-cover book with 30 pages of lore from the History of Norhaven.
  • Let the developers of the Iron Tides take you out for lunch (Vancouver and Seattle residents only).
  • And more physical rewards here!

The horizon beckons us onwards to Kickstarter, and we hope to see you along the way!  Check out the demo, complete the objective (listed on the demo page), and  give us your feedback.  

3. Pillage!

We have opened a donations panel that you can start adding to. A pre-kickstarter donation will go a long way as we enter late September, and we appreciate your support! Thank you for continuing to grow with our development.

You can start your early donations here: