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A Kickstarter Sneak Peak!

Hey Strategy Fans!

  • We're building a warband with our community! We welcome your support, and even if you can't back us on Kickstarter -- why not join our Twitter or Facebook following instead?
  • If you don't have a credit card ask a friend to help you buy a two-for-one special.
  • Join one of our social media campaigns and help us grab the attention of high-profile streamers and/or games editors! Pledge your support early and often

IMPORTANT: We want to stay in touch with you! Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list. *NEXT UPDATE: Iron Tides Sail onto Kickstarter*

Campaign Schedule.

We expect to be ready and available for all questions. Watch our Twitter stream for the following announcements:

  • Launch Day (Sept 28, 9 am PDT).
  • First Update: Launch Party! *An update for our friends on the other side of the world* (Sept 28, 10 pm PDT)
  • Reddit AMA: I Just Launched a Kickstarter, What do I do now? (Sept 29, 11 am - 3 pm PDT)
  • Second Update: Women in Games Social (Attending on Oct 3 with update Oct 4)
  • Third Update: Announcing the Winners of our Contest + Special Thanks to Early Backers (Oct 12)
  • Fifth Update: Full Indie Summit (Attending on Oct 22 with update Oct 23)
  • Final Update: Final Stretch + Happy Halloween! (Oct 31)

We have many social updates scheduled in between with new Iron Tides features and builds once a week. Not convinced? Try the demo!

Community Driven Goals:

We'll be launching a few community stretch goals within our campaign too! Anyone who retweets, likes, or shares our posts will help encourage us to create new content. A few things the community will have control over:

  • A special in-game consumable: Stew (If we get 100 Shield Warriors)
  • The hunt for the "Epic Loot": If we find Epic Loot through our campaign, we create a randomly-generated skill that gives you +2 Glory for every space travelled.

Tier Structures.

We have different price tiers for every type of backer! The prices have been listed below. Check out our devlog on Tigs forum for a detailed examination. 

  • Thrall: $1.00
  • Plunderer: $10.00 (Early Bird)
  • Warrior: $15.00
  • Shield Warrior: $20.00
  • Chieftain: $35.00
  • Singing Chieftain: $55.00
  • Raiding Party: $75.00
  • Tale of Norhaven: $100.00
  • Paragon: $250.00
  • Viking Legend: $500.00
  • Undefeated Warrior: $1,000.00
  • Architect of Norhaven: $2,000.00
  • Epic Loot: $5,000.00

Working on the Iron Tides kickstarter video.

Massive Thanks and Shout Outs!

Thank you Video Game Break for your article, "Iron Tides could be the Viking Simulator you're looking for".

The 16bit couple interview us on their #Indieshowcase! It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with the dapper host, Duo. His free flow form of interviewing left me feeling energized and ready for more!


CynicalFate for testing out our game and defeating the warlord (first try).


Thank you Need2KnowGaming and thank you ProjectMQ for your continued support!