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Press Forecast: Chance of Glory

Thank you to all our new subscribers who've signed up to our mailing list! It means so much to us leading into our Kickstarter launch on September 28. We're dedicating the next 12 months of our lives to this journey on the Iron Tides, and we greatly appreciate all your help along the way.

If you know of, or if you yourself happen to be a streamer or editor of a site, please feel free to reach out and spread the news of our Viking-themed Survival Game. 

"A Viking-themed Rogue Done Right"

- Cliqist.com

Danger lurks everywhere and each fight will see you outnumbered. The only way to survive is to think strategically and utilize each of your viking’s abilities. You must also pillage and loot the resources you'll need to feed and maintain your hardworking warband.

"From Dice to Demo"

- GameSauce.biz

Within two and a half months of starting, we had produced an MVP, gained something of a following, and had collaborated with two new contributors. To our surprise, we even grabbed the attention of voice talent Erik Braa (commonly known for his illustrious League of Legends voice acting), and by this time we realized it was time to bring Iron Tides into the commercial spotlight.

Coming Soon...

Thank you for joining us in our adventure so far. We're excited to keep going, and earn the reputation of a rogue-lite done right. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to help us reach our goal before we launch on Kickstarter!