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Featuring Akimbo Creations

Arc Continuum is the story of a lost hero who is discovering the ancient power of the Arc. It is a third person action adventure game, adopting a unique take on time manipulation and puzzle elements. Akimbo Creations, the creative go-getters of the game, invited me into the heart of their studio for a private tour and a welcomed playtest.

With thanks to the Akimbo Creations Creative Director, I had a chance to not only play the studio's first game, but explore the faculty and learn more about team. And what a great looking team they have! 

From high-end animators with motion capturing technology, to well-scripted pieces of game play, Arc Continuum is set to impress new gamers. If you're a fan of third person action adventure, epic lore, and puzzle-base elements, I highly recommend checking out their trailer below:

Twitch Based Combat and Epic Lore

Arc Continuum is a game experience where players are required to quickly adapt to their surroundings. As expected for the shooter-genre, the game relies on twitch based reaction mechanics, but the Arc itself also brings a fresh new arsenal of weapons and strategy. There are a variety of weapons (sniper, machine gun, and shotgun), but also a new range of attacks that can be used to change the tension of the game. The Arc, having the power to manipulate time, can slow enemies down, bring them together in a sizeable grenade, and rewind time! A nifty trick when facing deathly situations.

Beautifully Written

From the OST from the composer of the Homeworld series, to the strong narrative, Arc Continuum is masterfully well done. There's enough written narrative to keep me entertained for days, and it really shows in the attention to detail in the cast of characters.

Community Friends

Akimbo Creations are passionate developers with seasoned experience, they are also community friends who support the bustle of the Vancouver community. We've seen their devs across town in Full Indie Meetups and more. With thanks to Akimbo Creations, Vancouver may be home to a new AAA-quality studio, and we can not wait!

Watch out for their upcoming Kickstarter in early September 2016. And visit support their upcoming development by subscribing to their site and following them through twitter!