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Meet the Developers

Hi There!

Our names are Sam Raski and Carina K.

Sam Raski: Lead Developer and Artist.
Carina K.: Media Director and Production Management.

We are an unlikely pair who've partnered up to bring you the Iron Tides. Today, we're here to tell you about Crash Wave Games, and why you should back a game like ours in the future.

1. How did you meet?

Before Crash Wave Games was formed, Sam and I met while working at a local independent studio called East Side Games (the makers of popular titles on Facebook and mobile). Sam was working as a front end developer, creating both gameplay code and user interface solutions while I was working as a game designer creating first-time user experiences with a combined focus in data analysis. 

A few companies we've worked with:


2. How did you first come up with the Iron Tides?

For a couple of months, we had discussed the possibility of partnering up, and when we had the opportunity to follow our dreams, the union quickly fell into place. After that, it was a matter of picking a direction, genre and theme, and with thanks to Sam, we started working on the original prototype of Iron Tides.

Initially, we toyed with the idea of a Viking themed game, and explored different angles to help broaden our scope of the game. Our Fury-Resource system is a robust energy system and so naturally, the overall vision of the game was a challenge to distill. We knew we wanted a fast paced battle experience, and it was clear we had a deep passion for patient game development -- eventually, like our partnership, everything made sense.


3. How has the Iron Tides changed since then?

The Iron Tides first started as a dice-based paper prototype. Sam spent the time building a deck using an interchangeable board, enemies, ability-based heroes, and a resource/energy system that we now refer to as Fury Points. He took ownership of the project and brought it to life -- without Sam, this project may have never seen the light of day! Over time, the paper prototype grew and grew, until one day we realized we had to start building the world through a digital landscape. We chose the PC.


4. Who do you think will like the Iron Tides?

The Iron Tides is designed for the type of player who enjoys light-weight strategy, resource management, and board games. We've put a lot of thought into procedurally generated enemies and exploration too, so the game plays as an endless adventure which is addicting and easy to understand. We expect to have boss fights, a roster of six characters, and basic base building using all the resources you pillage! We honestly can't wait players to try it. 

5. When can we expect to see the Iron Tides?

The game is in it's early development, but our alpha prototype (see the link below) is about 50% complete. We expect to launch onto Kickstarter by September 28 2016, and we are so very eager to share a game we're passionate about! I can't wait to meet a community of gamers who love what we do! Please reach out to us and join our Facebook page!

Contact Email: support@irontides.com

Try our alpha demo here: www.irontides.com/alphabetagamer

If you are a Twitch or Youtube streamer, please remember to tag Iron Tides for a chance to win free Steam codes upon release!

We have a mailing list here that you can subscribe to: http://eepurl.com/bv-JAT 

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Thank you!