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Iron Tides Survival Strategy

What is the key to any sort of success with your game? If no one is there to play your game, how will you go on to making the next one? Similarly,  if you do not promote your game, who is going to see it?  Iron Tides is an independent game, and we believe visibility is key to survival. It is our duty to scour the waters in search of opportunities to promote Iron Tides.  Our most recent opportunity came at Full Indie - a Vancouver based event for indie game designers to mingle and showcase their work.  

Do not be afraid to show off your game. 

We're preparing for our next chance to show-off Iron Tides in mid July (18-21), when we will be flying down to San Francisco to attend Casual Connect. Iron Tides has been entered into the indie showcase for a chance to win three indie prizes!

The life of an indie game depends on the ability of the game's creators to promote it. Try these things below:

  • Regularly attend events with your game, ask for feedback every single time.
  • Set up a social media page (Twitter, Facebook, IndieDb) and manage your channels wisely.
  • Reach out to editors of press with a well prepared press kit.
  • Get youtubers and streamers involved!

Meet Us at Casual Connect!

We are thrilled with how Iron Tides looks, projected above the heads of an audience, and we look forward to being able to mingle with other developers at Casual Connect.  If any one who is interested in talking indie will be in at Casual Connect, send us an email or a message!  We would love to hear from you.