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Crashing onto the Collective

Thank You for your Vote!

This week, we are proud to announce our arrival onto the Square Enix Collective. The Collective is a curated platform where gamers and developers interact around a potential crowdfunding campaign using Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Gamers are asked to judge whether a game should become a reality or not - and developers get to engage with the community and find new players.

 Day 2 / 28 results.

Day 2 / 28 results.

The Collective offers a wonderful opportunity to hear what the gamers want and the submission stays on the front-page for a total of 28 days.

We were featured on the Collective's site, but also through multiple social channels including Twitter,  and Facebook. A rapid gaming news site, Gameranx, also picked up on the release and wrote an article on our game here:

If you haven't already voted for the Iron Tides, there's still time! Every vote turns the tides in our favour. Log-in using your Facebook or Steam account and show us your support and love!