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Towards the Horizon

Welcome back fellow war chiefs and shield maidens!  Great news; Iron Tides is submitting to the Square Enix Collective.  Content will be available to view around the end of April, and we eagerly await your YES votes!

What is the Square Enix Collective?

This collective is a place where developers can go to be rated by gamers, to see if the creator's idea is deemed fit enough to be made a reality.  The creator posts their idea on the Collective, and from there the game will either be rated by the masses as a YES or a NO.  Why does this matter?  Square Enix Collective is a chance for a developer to show their game to a wider audience, and see how good of a chance their game would stand on a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. 


Sailing Onwards 

Iron Tides awaits the approval of the Collective, TBD by the end of the month.  The team has been busy at work preparing for this new venture, creating trailers, polishing up the game, and consulting with sound and video editing designers to help bring the game to a glorious life.  An update will be made on this blog with more information about Square Enix.  From there, we will be setting up a Kickstarter campaign to speed us towards our launch.  We look forward to your support!