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Happy Easter

Welcome back from the long weekend, everyone.  A belated happy Easter to everyone, and here's hoping you had a good one.  Today we will be going over what the Vikings have accomplished in the first couple of weeks of spring.

  1. Exploration / Battle Loop
  2. Experience and Perma-death

Eat, Sleep, Raid, Repeat

We are proud to say that we have a complete exploration and battle loop, giving the player a feel of how the game will run.  Along the Tides, food and glory await as you sail your Vikings' ship through unforgiving waters.  When finally you spot land, and a town you are given the option to trade or raid.  Should you choose to take up arms with the enemy, you will be brought to the battle screen, where you fight to gain glory and protect your Vikings. 


Once You're Dead, You Stay Dead

Should you lose a Viking in a raid gone wrong, unfortunately for you that Viking will stay dead.  There is no rewinding time, there is no resurrecting them from the dead, there is no Pokemon Centre that you can rush to if your Viking has fainted.  In the case that you lose a Viking in the  throes of battle, that Viking will be eliminated from your roster.  However, while that one particular Viking may remain a decaying skeleton on the field of battle, you can always promote a new one in Norhaven.