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Galavanting the Waves

“Home is behind, the world is ahead”

Ah, yes! The long awaited second chapter of the travel post!  Welcome back to the discussion about traversing the Iron Tides; hoist the sails!

We left off last time talking about open world travel versus a linear play style, and how Iron Tides will attempt to be a mixture of both. 


Mechanics and Goals

When traveling the tides, a player will experience different elements of our game’s design:

  • Escalating threat
  • Resource management
  • Variable environments
  • Ship capacity

Each of these mechanics filters in to three different types of goals:

1. Short-term
2. Mid-term and,
3. Long-term


The short-term goal of the player when traveling is to gather resources (such as loot), to gain glory, and to confront threat.  These are the goals that the player should first look to, as they will have the most impact on the gameplay and will create instant reward for the player and create incentive.  In order to decrease the likelihood of over-farming, we introduce the design of escalating threat, to keep the player moving forward, and onto different goals. 

The mid-term goals are to serve in greater objective. For example, we give you a number of quests, not all of which you must complete.  However, we add multipliers onto these, and should you complete all the quests you will garner a greater reward.  In addition, a boss fight is considered a mid-term goal, in which the success of the player will depend on the management of their resources, and how well they have accomplished their short-term goals.

The long-term goal is the end goal, and this includes a narrative goal.  What is it the player is accomplishing by all of this, and where is the story ending up? The ultimate glory, the discovery of a new land, and untold treasures that await....

That’s all for now!  Tune back in a couple of weeks for the next instalment, and see what is roaming the tides!