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New Vikings.

Our Legion Grows Strong. 

In case you missed this week's news... A new Viking joins our team. John McKiever is an American music composer, producer, and multi-genre artist focusing on sci-fi, horror, and fantasy audio. 

He sent us a demo - showcasing his skills as a Viking skald. We loved it, and signed him on immediately. If you want to hear it, click on the play button here:

John is taking charge in all things sound. He's killing it, and is as Viking as they come. 

Viking Smash.

A few things have been added to our game screen. For example, we have health bars and are rolling out the concept of Shields. 

What are Shields?

Shields are a unique game feature that dynamically changes play. Understanding Shields becomes an emergent game strategy in the tactics side of the game.

  • Every Viking, or enemy, has a chance to block incoming attacks. 
  • You can not block an attack from the side. You are vulnerable when you step out of line.
  • Shields are earned under certain game conditions, but are lost with every successful block. Manage your Vikings well and you stand a greater chance of victory.

It's also an easy way to assess the game board, you'll need to choose the skills you use carefully if you want to break an enemy. 

We are a team of Vikings. We think, and fight like Vikings. We have no retreat in our game. 


Think strategically. Once you move forward, that's it. 

Forever In Our Favor.

Favor is what grants our Vikings the courage to act. Without Favor, Vikings can move forward, but are unable to attack.  Additional Favor is gained after each turn, and accumulates over time. Favor does not roll over to the next turn.

Use it wisely. 

Why do we Favor our players?

If you've ever been to war, you know there is a rushed pace from the beginning of a battle, all the way to the peak of actual combat. The Iron Tides aims to craft a similar experience. Vikings move forward, slowly building Favor... over game-turns, our Vikings grow strong, and eventually gain enough Favor to unleash a furry of attacks.

TL;DR When players enter the battlefield they have a chance to go absolutely berserk.

It’s all about the battle experience.