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We're Vikings. We're Brutal.

We're Vikings. We're Brutal.

It doesn’t make sense.

We love this project, and we think about it every day. A day in our studio, is a day in which we learn to take a step back and remember the most important factor in game development: allowing space for an honest conversation.


Quality is something that comes with patience, and critique. It's not easy being this vulnerable, but fearless critique (and we mean real critique) is best described as the hammer forging the path forward.

It needs shape. The colours are too sharp.

Sometimes we are over-critical, but we understand it is just part of an essential process. We are a team that needs iteration. Whenever we review our progress, we view the game with a set of fresh eyes, and we constantly check to see if the Iron Tides is a game worth everything we put into it.

Things start to make sense in the end, and we are much, much happier for being honest. Even if we are brutish, we trust in the strength of our team; we remain strong.

There's something very Viking about that.