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When Paper Goes Digital.

Paper prototyping

is a fun and essential part of our process.  Through prototyping,  we revealed many strengths and weakness. Through our pipeline, we learned to adapt and reconstruct. If you are also prototyping a concept, expect the following:

  • A change in game rules or direction.
    Change in development is something you can't avoid... This will often happen with a project. Ideas build upon each other, and eventually, the original idea is lost so far away. At some point, you have to find the correct rule structure that fits your game. Through iteration and prototyping, you just might get there faster.
  • Team building.
    Paper prototyping is your first test. Not every visionary has the same creative process, and sometimes the ideas between you, and your colleagues will clash. The key to solving this problem is team work. Through open communication and support, you will develop a strong sense of ownership and team building.
  • Proof
    Is your game fun ? A paper prototype is the quickest way to find proof. If your game is fun with just the minimum (paper, dice, etc), you can expect it to be fun after intense game development.

Iron Tides goes digital

 A Viking ready for battle.

A Viking ready for battle.

We threw this battlefield together after wrapping up the fundamentals in the previous paper prototype.

We are spearheading the art direction and locking down a sweet Viking look

What do you think?