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Vikings Are Coming to Steam!

There are close to 1,700 game submissions on Greenlight. 

Only a selection of games from these submissions are added to Steam's library, adding to a total collection of roughly 6000 games.

This morning, Iron Tides received a notice from Steam, welcoming our Vikings onto the exclusive Steam platform. 


In our last blog, we talked about our first week on Greenlight. To summarize our experience, we're blogging a few highlights, followed by some lessons.

Day 1:  We launched our Greenlight Campaign. Within 36 hours, we immediately jump to 63% of the top 100 games.

Day 4:  84% to the top 100 games on Greenlight

Day 5: A new batch of games appears on the front page. Iron Tides is pushed to the third page on Greenlight. (Don't panic).  Traffic from the Iron Tides begins to drop. (Don't panic) We drop from 86% to 81% (Don't panic)

Day 7:  We climb back up to 91% of the top 100 games on Greenlight. From this sudden jump, we can only assume Greenlight campaigners are locked indoors, sifting through Greenlight submissions. To note, this jump took place on a Friday evening. Which may highlight something interest about the average Steam player.


The first week was rocky. 


timing is important.

We launched our campaign on Friday, Oct 30 - this was just a day before Halloween. We used this opportunity to pre-emptively promote our Greenlight through one of our social channels (Twitter), leading up to Halloween.

This banner was released before the launch date, and again just after launch.

The image contains a Launch date, but no call to action (oops). We have a logo located in the top right corner, but left out any special images associated with Iron Tides. This banner received some attention, but ultimately... there was a lot more we could do.

On a more personal note, we also seized the opportunity to engage in a Halloween exercise. This picture was also featured in our social feed:


We used this photo to re-engage with our audience, but without text and executable actions on the image itself. Our priority in this matter was to remain as personable and light-hearted as possible. The message was well received, but perhaps a stronger call to action was needed.

expect to have your heart broken.

When we didn't make the cut in the first week... We remained optimistic; But when we didn't make the cut in the second week. We felt crushed. It's a rough journey, but stay your course and have faith. 

According to steam, an average game in the top #50 will have anywhere from 7,000-10,000 unique visitors. This was 3-5 times the number of visitors we received, which equated to 3-5 number of votes we might have received. (oops)

you don't /need/ marketing dollars... but it sure helps.

Going back to the top #50 games, an additional 5,000 visitors may have helped us out. As you can see from the chart above, we fell off from the front page within the first three days and traffic came to a very sudden halt. 

if you don't make it immediately, businesses will contact you.

Don't panic... You can do this!

During the campaign,  at one of our lowest points (see feeling crushed), we were contacted by two Greenlight promoting sites. The promise was to send us 5000 new views... for a price (how evil). And while the thought of instant Greenlight was tempting... but we stayed our course. Our Vikings are strong! Don't forget, you can always re-engage with your target audience and pave the way for new players. Keep creating content. There is no retreat!

don't expect the greenlight.

We had a chance to speak with another studio about their own Greenlight process, it seems there may not be any real tangible process. Games in the top #50 aren't always Greenlit immediately. So stay positive!

Perhaps Valve was feeling generous that day, since we had yet to break the top 100... Or perhaps it was our consistent track record. 

Throughout this entire process, remember to watch your numbers carefully. Numbers will change on a week to week basis and although we're not sure why or how these votes are weighted, I can only guess this has something to do with new submissions. Iron Tides showed promise every week, and this alone, may be one of the contributing factors to our being Greenlit.

So what's next?

Watch our blog for the next update and we'll tell you... 

Don't forget to leave us a comment below if you have further questions, or contact us directly at support@irontides.com. 

Thanks for stopping by!

For Glory!