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Greenlight On the Horizon

Vikings are coming

After months in development, Iron Tides will finally surface onto Steam Greenlight. For developers thinking about submitting a game to Steam Greenlight, we have compiled a brief introduction to Greenlight below. 


How Do I Submit a Game to Greenlight?

A Steam Account

First, you need a Steam Account. If you don't have one already, register for one through the Steam Website here

greenlight submission fee

You also need to pay a Greenlight Fee of $110.00. All proceeds go to a Children's Charity - the process is there to filter unwanted games.

What Should I Prepare?


Title and Description

You're making a game? Well, cool! What is the title of this game? Think of a title that sticks, anything generic sounds like a rip-off When writing a description, keep everything as clear and concise as possible. You want your gamer to understand the concept of your game, which is fundamental in getting that THUMBS UP at the end. 

If possible, try to break your content apart by using [img] inserts when you can.


Show off your game as much as possible! Make sure to compose your screen shots with thought, and use as much interesting game play as possible. Adding text to your screenshot also helps the gamer understand why this game needs to be developed.

Sun Temple.jpg

teaser trailer (AT LEAST 1 MINUTE IN LENGTH)

Use this trailer in a similar manner to your screenshots. When a new gamer opens up your page, the trailer will begin playing immediately. Make sure you show as much as the game as possible - get a video editor! It helps!

Branding image

When perusing through a list of potential Greenlight. a gamer's eye will be drawn to a strong logo or branding image. Try to use some color, but don't overwhelm your gamer with a rainbow of things. Be selective, interesting, and to the point.


What Happens Next?

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