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A Wave of Glory

The Shapers Shift Into Battle

With less than 2 weeks to go, the Iron Tides wrap up another milestone.  The picture above is a screenshot from our latest build. In this build, we introduce a mysterious new Viking.

Our hooded Viking is currently speechless (voice actors, apply within) and chooses to don a bow and arrow. Her name is Freya, and is named for her quick wits, and evasive nature. 

Freya is a ranged character, and is designed to stand behind other melee characters. She's a smart girl, shooting arrows from outside of harm's way. She can also heal her fellow Vikings, making her valuable to the battlefield.

Freya's biggest weakness  is her inability to block attacks, unlike the other Vikings. But be warned, she is lethal... and if you ever find yourself in her sights, I suggest moving.

Her skill set includes:

  • Quick Shot
    shoot an arrow at an enemy. ranged attack. low stamina cost.

  • Unearthly Howl
    Inflict damage and cause the enemy to flee one space in fear.

  • Primal Healing
    heal a wounded viking.

  • Kill-Shot, ultimate
    a deadly long-ranged attack, deal massive damage to an enemy. high stamina cost.

Wind in Our Sail

We unlock a new game feature! The screenshot above is a map of the Iron Tides. When Vikings are not in combat, they are exploring the depths of what the world has to offer. 

The map is randomly generated, so be prepared for unexpected towns, islands, and enemies!

That's all the update for now, we are headed towards Steam Greenlight!