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New Horizon November - New Faction, New Enemy Type, New Contest

Hail Warriors,

This month we bring you news of completing (at least, internally) a new faction with new Golem enemy type, some new battle maps, and a whole new contest.

Take a look at your new foe. Will you crush it into gravel, or will it become your vikings' gravestone?


We're always adding in new maps, so if you haven't played Iron Tides in some time, now is the time to check it out :D Some of the new maps are part of the main quest-line, so even though they might be done, you'll have to wait a little bit longer to check those ones out.


Our valuable volunteers are helping us immensely. If you are experiencing any issues of bugs with the current build of the game, feel free to send an email to support@irontides.com.

Again, we appreciate and thank all of our supporters who have helped us get this far. You are the power behind this mighty warband, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

We're still open for to suggestions players may have for the game, and ask that they either email them to us, or post them on our Steam discussion forum. The final version is coming, so get any changes you'd like to see in, now!

New Contest

One LAST detail, that we're going to hint at in here, is the new contest. Right now, we are truly inspired by the love we have been getting from fans of the game, and we'd like to make an offer for those who have mastered the game: Make the Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Iron Tides, and be immortalized in a statue found in the ruins of the Iron Tide seas, as well as a free copy of Iron Tides!

The rules and details are still being hammered out, so stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

For Glory!

Player Request Changes, camera update, and progress on Linux

Greetings Warriors

We're proud to announce that we are implementing some player requested changes into the game, as part of our commitment to our community to work together and make the best experience Iron Tides can be. 

Players wanted a much stronger Berserker, wielding double axes, packing way more of a punch. The preliminary version has been done, and which we will fine-tune and update as we continue to get more feedback. The Berserker no longer hides behind a shield, and instead takes the enemy head-on with deadly zeal!


The Valkyrie has also received tactical upgrade. Her spear has been lengthened and she may now strike at even diagonal spaces from her original position with her extended reach. This will allow her to remain deadly even in the most crowded situations, and prevent the enemy from minimizing damage in narrow bottlenecks.


We also have a new, dynamic camera system coming in to help intensify critical hits and misses to help pull you into the action. Let us know what you think. We eagerly look forward to your thoughts!


Thank you EVERYONE who volunteered to help us out with testing the Linux build. We are working towards fulfilling this promise, and because of the input and testing of these fine fellow fighters, we are well on our way. Please send an email to support@irontides.com if you would like to join this initiative, or have any other questions.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates as the game develops. This has been an amazing journey and we look forward to continuing to sail forward with you all!

For anyone who is looking to help support the game as it develops, consider passing the link to our Steam page forward to possible interested friends and family. 

Have a happy Halloween! For Glory!

Post-Pax Progress, Class Content, and Linux Update

Hello Warriors!

We're proud to announce that although we were unable to attend PAX, the creators of "Celeste" and "Wandersong" were able to represent Vancouver talent. Way to go guys! 

We've made some progress on our vikings since our last update, with two NEW classes and updates to our existing ones. We're also working towards developing our Linux build, which is a major addition for the patient Linux users out there. In order to make sure we get all the bugs ironed out and make sure the game is up to a certain standard, we're asking any and all Linux users to please contact the development team at Support@IronTides.com so we can set up some tests and get some technical feedback. We have also opened a thread on the Steam discussion board for any of our current users already on Steam to contact us as well and coordinate bug-hunting efforts.

As for our content updates, we're can't wait to release the new classes and class updates to all of our players to try out.


The Wolf Priestess is the main healer, who will be able to help boost the survival rate of your vikings to either make each fight much easier, or to allow you to challenge yourself against tougher foes to take down.


The Iron Breaker focuses on manipulating the enemy into position and breaks through enemy defenses. A must have for enemy factions that rely on formations or directional shields as part of their strategy!  

While we ran into some major problems while testing certain builds, we hope that we can have some kind of build update within the next week or so. We won't release the update until we're fairly certain that it won't cause any problems for our players, but we are working very hard to make sure that everything is resolved as soon as possible.  

Thank you for your support, and for backing the Iron Tides. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for faster updates on our progress as the game develops.

For Glory!

August Additions

Greetings Warriors,

These past few weeks into our release have been incredible. We have had many Let's Players reviewing our gamereview sites love us, and we've been getting a lot of feedback from our Steam discussion board.

With the initial excitement of launch spurring us forward, and with all the great insight we are receiving from our community, we will be moving forward with new features and content additions that we will be able to share with backers and Early Access supporters through development!

The Wolf Priestess

Our biggest new feature coming soon, is the Wolf Priestess class. This will take the most amount of time to develop out of the next items in the development pipeline, so we don't have an ETA on this yet. We are hoping that you will enjoy everything she is capable of, and tear across the battlefield with her!

Viking Crew Changes

Players have made it clear that they wish they had a more robust system for managing a viking crew. We will soon be implementing a build that will allow players to place vikings in a reserve if they do not wish to send them on a voyage, but still wish to keep them. Once we are happy enough with the quality of this system, we will push it forward so that players may try it out for themselves :)

New "Brutal" Difficulty Option

For those looking for a truly dangerous voyage, we invite you to start a campaign on the "Brutal" difficulty setting. This setting is still being worked on, and we require your feedback to make it a truly unique challenge for those who want to truly earn their victories. Even our veteran testers are finding this setting very challenging!

Other New Features

We have other big changes coming down the pipeline as well, based on some player feedback, but until we get closer to the finished version, we will only really be able to hint at it ;) For the time being, we can only say that we really appreciate the feedback we have been getting on the discussion boards, through Twitter, from Facebook, and sent to our email.

Thank you again for backing our project, and for continuing to show your support! 

For Glory!

July - We open the gates to Steam Early Access!

Greetings Warriors

WE'RE ON STEAM! WE'RE FINALLY ON STEAM! This is an amazing moment for us all, and WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH :D!!!!

Reviews are being writtendiscussions are opening up on the community page, and we have a small flood of emails and social media activity from supporters, media, and curious new players. This is an amazing time for us all and we are UTTERLY HUMBLED BY THE RESPONSE WE HAVE BEEN GETTING! 

We Have Sent Out Keys

All backers who have Early Access steam keys as part of their reward have been emailed. Please check your inbox and if you haven't received your key, please let us know at support@irontides.com. We want to get everyone playing during this exciting time!

New Contest - Community Conquest Challenge!

Now that WE ARE ON STEAM we have put together a much bigger challenge for the community, with more rewards to be had, and you will have to work together to get as much loot as you can. In order to participate, all you need to do is the following:

  • Register your email if you haven't already.

All winners from draws will be picked from our email list.

  • Defeat many enemies
  • Attack ships and settlements in the Iron Tides
  • Send worthy warriors to Valhalla

All of this will be tracked and combined with the community as a whole, so work together to beat the challenges.

Some rewards will be made available to all players, but more exclusive rewards will be given away in a draw as we select a random name from our email list to receive the prize!

More details on the contest page.

For Glory! 

June Reinforcements

Hail Warriors,  

Mercenaries have made their way onto the battlefield. With improved shields, new abilities, and a bold leader, these new enemies are much tougher than the Black Fleet pirates. You will need to train your warriors well. Remain fearless, and victory shall be yours!     

Full Steam Ahead!

We are in the process of moving the updates to Steam. The demo will no longer be updated on the website as we move closer to the final version with all new features and content for Steam Early Access. In addition to the new quests, enemies, and bosses to discover, we will be releasing an entirely new warrior for you to bring into battle: The Wolf Priestess! We look forward to delivering this update to all our Kickstarter Backers. Late Backers can still pre-order the game at IronTides.com to get access to all of this content (at a discount) when we go to Early Access!  

New Contest

We have been getting a lot of feedback from the community, which has helped considerably in development. In return, we are putting together another contest giveaway! The details are still being worked out, but we are hoping to make this one much bigger with your support and include more winners and a variety of in-game prizes :) Stay up to date on new developments by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and as always you can directly contact us at support@irontides.com  

Stay Ruthless!

May's Show of Force

Hail Warriors

Our new Pirate Boss, Aegir, rises from below deck, and challenges your vikings in a new build (125)! He's a tough one, with a deadly crew to back him up. Get the demo, take him on in a Skirmish, and let us know what you think!

Investing Time Into Quality

And now for some bad news… Because of the work we are putting into combat, we are going to delay our release date (to make sure the game is up to the high standards we have promised you). This will allow us to fine tune everything and will give us much more time to gather additional player feedback and make adjustments.

Loot Is On Its Way

Great news! After a long journey, travelling miles to get here, they have arrived at our doorstep: The Backer DICE! We are now fulfilling the orders of our loyal Chieftains who stood by us in the Kickstarter. Thank you for your patience!

And lastly, for those MOST patient among us, we have the winner of our competition:  Defeat Jarhargal (our very first boss) with all 4 Vikings still alive... . That winner is…


Congratulations! You will receive your Steam Early Access steam key when Iron Tides arrives later this Summer.

We will have more contests and giveaways as we draw closer to game launch! Keep updated by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and drop us a line at support@irontides.com if you have any questions, comments, or feedback :)

Stay Ruthless!

April Advance

Hail warriors,  

The first bit of important news, first….   

Iron Tides became the first Gaming Pitch Finalist at SxSW 2017!  

SXSW logo.png

Co-founder, Carina Kom, was able to pitch her way through the competition to become a finalist in the first ever SXSW Pitch Competition! Iron Tides was pitted against indie juggernauts, prevailed as legendary warriors, and stood proud amidst the competition. With this new wind in our sails, we hope to push forward and gain increased momentum until our launch date. The gods smile upon us!  

Development Is Going Strong

Thanks to your feedback, there have been some big changes to the game. We are streamlining the battle process, adding lots of content for you to explore and conquer. More enemies, the extra Kickstarter classes, and special challenges. There are 42 new maps to fight on! There so much ground to cover, what do you think we should move on first?

If you haven't played the demo recently, now is a great time to check it out. We have a new Mac build that is up to date with the PC build (Build 117). All Mac players, and friends of Mac players, please let everyone know so we can get everyone leading their own raiding party! Let’s build up our army!   

Speaking of Building…  

Another feature you may notice in the demo is the ability to design levels. We have been able to develop a very nice internal pipeline for developing new levels, which we have turned into some tools for you to try out :D Let us know what you think and submit your levels to us!  

  • Build a level  
  • Press “Output”  
  • CTRL + V the text on your clipboard to share it!  

This streamlining of the map-building has also revealed some strengths and weaknesses in enemy and viking abilities, so we have made some minor changes as well as new abilities. This is the best time to get feedback you have about characters and enemies in to us. We want to hear from you!  

As always, you can catch us online at FacebookTwitter, or directly email us at support@irontides.com!  

Stay Ruthless!

Marching to SXSW

Hail warriors,

More work has been done behind the scenes. We have assets for maps, which has resulted in 30+ different levels; we will be rolling them out as we playtest and refine them. Quests have received a big update and are now with chained progression: as you complete quests you reveal more objectives and learn the stories of the Iron Tides!

We are also developing new classes. Once we have them play-tested, we’ll be submitting a limited build for Streamers and supporters (that means you!).

Kickstarter Backers

For those Kickstarter backers who are waiting for physical loot, the custom dice sets have been ordered! We are excited that you have chosen to support us, and look forward to the journey ahead. Steam Early Access is coming soon!

If you haven’t already, please check out our survey and let us know what you think. It’ll take all of 5 minutes, is 9 questions, and would help us determine where the strengths of the game are.

Crash Wave is going to South By Southwest!

Crash Wave games is travelling to Austin, Texas! We’ve been invited to participate in the gaming expo of South By Southwest! This will take Iron Tides to the next level. We will be there March 16-18; if you’re in the neighborhood, send us a message and let us know. We’d like to meet you!

Follow our Twitter, or Facebook for the quickest updates as the game develops, and drop us a line at support@irontides.com. Thank you again!

February Features!

Hi warriors,

What a wonderful month of development! We have new game music composed by John McKiever and several brand new features/milestones ready to be tested. We have also fine-tuned several character classes that are all available in the new Iron Tides demo. And lastly, we have three new boss submissions (thank you backers and volunteers) which will be available in Early Access!

We have new navigation tools used to carefully plan your next move. The map is a mix of random and procedurally generated algorithms and we’ve added a bird’s-eye-view to assess your next move. With this navigation system in place, there is no reason to starve on the seas... wasted movements aren’t wise…

  The View of the Gods!

 The View of the Gods!

Backer rewards are also due this month. Again, we thank you for your support. We look forward to sending out your loot, and finally finishing what you helped us accomplish. We are humbled by your patronage and continued support as late backers continue to come in through our site. 

Last chance to try out our (free) demo!

Build 105 is available for download, but will permanently be closed as we draw close to Steam Early Access. We're slaying many new milestones and features, stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for the fastest updates! If you need to contact us about anything, please send us a line at support@irontides.com!

Stay Ruthless!

Travelling Raid Blog: 2/3

We have four days left on Kickstarter and are coming to the end of our adventure. Our campaign is different from many others because we spent most of our time voyaging past the storms of Vancouver (a literal stormin attempt to playtest and gain exposure. 

Iron Tides is a viking-themed game that combines elements of survival and strategy. You step into the boots of a Viking Chieftain and prepare your crew for raid! As developers, we drew massive inspiration from our surrounding environment and personally find ruthless behaviour amusing and fun. 

Recap: Travel Blog 1/3

  • First we raided Full Indie at a bar called the Butcher and Bullock (had to get mead).
  • Then we raided an IndiePod at the Profile (recruiting warriors).
  • We joined a Women in Games Event at EXP gaming themed restaurant and bar (we have no comment). 


These creators know how to handle a community. They are the heart and soul of Downtown East Side and are known to throw epic parties across Vancouver. East Side Games are friends of ours who know a lot about user-testing and mobile games. They have a lot of swag in their stride, and are the core people behind Indie Power. 

Akimbo Creations

The new indies on the block, Akimbo Creations, have a snazzy office space with a chandelier. Perhaps it was the glint of the dangling crystals that drew us into this space -- the promised gem of Vancouver. Akimbo Creations are currently working on Arc Continuum, a third person action adventure game with rich lore and an epic soundtrack. 

Vancouver Film School

Across the way from East Side Games and EXP Bar and Restaurant, Vancouver Film School is the perfect place to stop by. This time, a Unity Developer's meetup kicked off the evening with a series of talks from game developers working in mobile games and pc games. 

We're not done yet!

We have one last travel blog to write up and are happy to announce our last raid with Capcom Vancouver will be featured in the write up. 

Thank you to the entire Vancouver community for coming together and allowing us to stop by with our game.

We're onto our final days on Kickstarter and at the time of writing this, we are 84% of the way there!

If you're unsure about our game, take a look at our demo and follow us on Twitter and our Facebook pages for more info.

Have a wonderful, ruthless day. 

Travelling Raid Blog: 1/3

cash wave.jpg

Hey folks! We are two Vancouver Vikings who are making a rogue-like dungeon crawler in the spirit of raiding and pillaging your way to the top. We are inspired by turn-based tactics like Final Fantasy meets Darkest Dungeon and Chess. 

Our game is called Iron Tides and it's currently on Kickstarter right now!

We are more than 50% of the way and hey, community, you've been great. In the last stretch of our campaign, we're aiming for bigger and better updates. Until now, all of our campaign exposure has surrounded the idea of "raiding" Vancouver for support and rallying new troops into joining us. We get asked how this works, and so we're introducing a series of blog posts that capture all our raiding adventures.

Our very first Raid.

With trusted axe and game demo, our very first raid began before our campaign was launched. From our hometown Vancouver, at local Full Indie Games meetup,  we stepped up to showcase our game.

Vancouver is a primordial soup of game talent eager to gather and meet. Game developer meetups are the blood-cells that pump the industry with life and meaning. Without getting too sentimental, Full Indie is a place for creative individuals to meet and demo their games for play testing purposes (before trades shows or otherwise), and also to mingle and network. Being a part of that space is sort of like the introduction to any very curious story. Oh you made a game? Where did you start?  Who knows who you'll meet in a crowded place. Full Indie is often held once a month and is visited by 200 patrons on average.


 Build 40-something. July 2016.

Build 40-something. July 2016.

Launch Party, Indie Pod

For quieter ventures, Indie Pod is a network of developers who are looking for mentorship and guidance. We could all use the boost when starting up, and it's nice to see other projects take off. We joined JJ at his Indie Pod for our launch party where we demo'd our game again, but this time, with cookies. 

 JJ even records the meetings and introduction portion for us right here:

EXP Bar and Restaurant: Gaming Themed

If you're a gamer and you live in Vancouver, there are only a few places you can go to enjoy gaming themed menus and drinks. EXP Bar is located down the street from local games studio East Side Games, and is uniquely situated a block away from Vancouver Film School. It is also the hippest place to be if you're in the mood to play a game and check out new themes or streamers on the big screen. 

We're still raiding!

We need your support over at Kickstarter. We're over 50% of our goal and it's going to be tight... but there's so much you can do (other than pledging) to help us!

A Kickstarter Sneak Peak!

Hey Strategy Fans!

  • We're building a warband with our community! We welcome your support, and even if you can't back us on Kickstarter -- why not join our Twitter or Facebook following instead?
  • If you don't have a credit card ask a friend to help you buy a two-for-one special.
  • Join one of our social media campaigns and help us grab the attention of high-profile streamers and/or games editors! Pledge your support early and often

IMPORTANT: We want to stay in touch with you! Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list. *NEXT UPDATE: Iron Tides Sail onto Kickstarter*

Campaign Schedule.

We expect to be ready and available for all questions. Watch our Twitter stream for the following announcements:

  • Launch Day (Sept 28, 9 am PDT).
  • First Update: Launch Party! *An update for our friends on the other side of the world* (Sept 28, 10 pm PDT)
  • Reddit AMA: I Just Launched a Kickstarter, What do I do now? (Sept 29, 11 am - 3 pm PDT)
  • Second Update: Women in Games Social (Attending on Oct 3 with update Oct 4)
  • Third Update: Announcing the Winners of our Contest + Special Thanks to Early Backers (Oct 12)
  • Fifth Update: Full Indie Summit (Attending on Oct 22 with update Oct 23)
  • Final Update: Final Stretch + Happy Halloween! (Oct 31)

We have many social updates scheduled in between with new Iron Tides features and builds once a week. Not convinced? Try the demo!

Community Driven Goals:

We'll be launching a few community stretch goals within our campaign too! Anyone who retweets, likes, or shares our posts will help encourage us to create new content. A few things the community will have control over:

  • A special in-game consumable: Stew (If we get 100 Shield Warriors)
  • The hunt for the "Epic Loot": If we find Epic Loot through our campaign, we create a randomly-generated skill that gives you +2 Glory for every space travelled.

Tier Structures.

We have different price tiers for every type of backer! The prices have been listed below. Check out our devlog on Tigs forum for a detailed examination. 

  • Thrall: $1.00
  • Plunderer: $10.00 (Early Bird)
  • Warrior: $15.00
  • Shield Warrior: $20.00
  • Chieftain: $35.00
  • Singing Chieftain: $55.00
  • Raiding Party: $75.00
  • Tale of Norhaven: $100.00
  • Paragon: $250.00
  • Viking Legend: $500.00
  • Undefeated Warrior: $1,000.00
  • Architect of Norhaven: $2,000.00
  • Epic Loot: $5,000.00

Working on the Iron Tides kickstarter video.

Massive Thanks and Shout Outs!

Thank you Video Game Break for your article, "Iron Tides could be the Viking Simulator you're looking for".

The 16bit couple interview us on their #Indieshowcase! It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with the dapper host, Duo. His free flow form of interviewing left me feeling energized and ready for more!


CynicalFate for testing out our game and defeating the warlord (first try).


Thank you Need2KnowGaming and thank you ProjectMQ for your continued support!

Press Forecast: Chance of Glory

Thank you to all our new subscribers who've signed up to our mailing list! It means so much to us leading into our Kickstarter launch on September 28. We're dedicating the next 12 months of our lives to this journey on the Iron Tides, and we greatly appreciate all your help along the way.

If you know of, or if you yourself happen to be a streamer or editor of a site, please feel free to reach out and spread the news of our Viking-themed Survival Game. 

"A Viking-themed Rogue Done Right"

- Cliqist.com

Danger lurks everywhere and each fight will see you outnumbered. The only way to survive is to think strategically and utilize each of your viking’s abilities. You must also pillage and loot the resources you'll need to feed and maintain your hardworking warband.

"From Dice to Demo"

- GameSauce.biz

Within two and a half months of starting, we had produced an MVP, gained something of a following, and had collaborated with two new contributors. To our surprise, we even grabbed the attention of voice talent Erik Braa (commonly known for his illustrious League of Legends voice acting), and by this time we realized it was time to bring Iron Tides into the commercial spotlight.

Coming Soon...

Thank you for joining us in our adventure so far. We're excited to keep going, and earn the reputation of a rogue-lite done right. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to help us reach our goal before we launch on Kickstarter!

The State of our Kickstarter

How to Raid a Kickstarter.

Iron Tides is preparing for a full-scale launch onto Kickstarter on September 28 - November 1. With all the hustle and bustle of the coming month, we look forward to sharing details of our launch, and we are eager to talk with all of you about our process. We have been in development for 12 months, and we feel ready to dive into the world of Kickstarter, after having achieved milestones such as Steam Greenlight (2015), Square Enix Collective (2016), and Casual Connect (2016). 

1. Rally the Warriors.

Have you downloaded a free demo of our game yet? With thanks to Alpha Beta Gamer, we've put our demo through three weeks of player testing -- and we are pleased to say that the feedback has been great!

Now, we are opening our channel to you - newcomers and seasoned fans alike.  All you have to do is complete the objective on the demo page and submit your thoughts to us at support@irontides.com, then us here at Crash Wave will hook you and your friends up with some free swag! 

2. Know Your Loot

We've invested much thought into the types of rewards we want to give away. With the amazing help of our friends and allies, we've come up with a base of interesting rewards that we know you'll love. Digital rewards include:

  • Your name in the credits.
  • A print-easy paper prototype of the Iron Tides concept (Complete with an interchangeable board, character cards, and rules!).
  • The complete OST with work from John McKiever and more!
  • Sheet music composed by John Robert Matz
  • In-game items featuring your likeliness.
  • And much, much more!

We value your support and we look forward to being able to bring you the aforementioned digital rewards.  However, digital rewards are easy to manage. Physical rewards, on the other handare something to be cherished, and we are pleased to offer you:

  • A 7-piece set of custom dice to use with your paper prototype.
  • Delicious sugar-cookies with a loot-hungry Viking theme!
  • A beautifully designed 10x8 inch hard-cover book with 30 pages of lore from the History of Norhaven.
  • Let the developers of the Iron Tides take you out for lunch (Vancouver and Seattle residents only).
  • And more physical rewards here!

The horizon beckons us onwards to Kickstarter, and we hope to see you along the way!  Check out the demo, complete the objective (listed on the demo page), and  give us your feedback.  

3. Pillage!

We have opened a donations panel that you can start adding to. A pre-kickstarter donation will go a long way as we enter late September, and we appreciate your support! Thank you for continuing to grow with our development.

You can start your early donations here:





Featuring Akimbo Creations

Arc Continuum is the story of a lost hero who is discovering the ancient power of the Arc. It is a third person action adventure game, adopting a unique take on time manipulation and puzzle elements. Akimbo Creations, the creative go-getters of the game, invited me into the heart of their studio for a private tour and a welcomed playtest.

With thanks to the Akimbo Creations Creative Director, I had a chance to not only play the studio's first game, but explore the faculty and learn more about team. And what a great looking team they have! 

From high-end animators with motion capturing technology, to well-scripted pieces of game play, Arc Continuum is set to impress new gamers. If you're a fan of third person action adventure, epic lore, and puzzle-base elements, I highly recommend checking out their trailer below:

Twitch Based Combat and Epic Lore

Arc Continuum is a game experience where players are required to quickly adapt to their surroundings. As expected for the shooter-genre, the game relies on twitch based reaction mechanics, but the Arc itself also brings a fresh new arsenal of weapons and strategy. There are a variety of weapons (sniper, machine gun, and shotgun), but also a new range of attacks that can be used to change the tension of the game. The Arc, having the power to manipulate time, can slow enemies down, bring them together in a sizeable grenade, and rewind time! A nifty trick when facing deathly situations.

Beautifully Written

From the OST from the composer of the Homeworld series, to the strong narrative, Arc Continuum is masterfully well done. There's enough written narrative to keep me entertained for days, and it really shows in the attention to detail in the cast of characters.

Community Friends

Akimbo Creations are passionate developers with seasoned experience, they are also community friends who support the bustle of the Vancouver community. We've seen their devs across town in Full Indie Meetups and more. With thanks to Akimbo Creations, Vancouver may be home to a new AAA-quality studio, and we can not wait!

Watch out for their upcoming Kickstarter in early September 2016. And visit support their upcoming development by subscribing to their site and following them through twitter!

Meet the Developers

Hi There!

Our names are Sam Raski and Carina K.

Sam Raski: Lead Developer and Artist.
Carina K.: Media Director and Production Management.

We are an unlikely pair who've partnered up to bring you the Iron Tides. Today, we're here to tell you about Crash Wave Games, and why you should back a game like ours in the future.

1. How did you meet?

Before Crash Wave Games was formed, Sam and I met while working at a local independent studio called East Side Games (the makers of popular titles on Facebook and mobile). Sam was working as a front end developer, creating both gameplay code and user interface solutions while I was working as a game designer creating first-time user experiences with a combined focus in data analysis. 

A few companies we've worked with:


2. How did you first come up with the Iron Tides?

For a couple of months, we had discussed the possibility of partnering up, and when we had the opportunity to follow our dreams, the union quickly fell into place. After that, it was a matter of picking a direction, genre and theme, and with thanks to Sam, we started working on the original prototype of Iron Tides.

Initially, we toyed with the idea of a Viking themed game, and explored different angles to help broaden our scope of the game. Our Fury-Resource system is a robust energy system and so naturally, the overall vision of the game was a challenge to distill. We knew we wanted a fast paced battle experience, and it was clear we had a deep passion for patient game development -- eventually, like our partnership, everything made sense.


3. How has the Iron Tides changed since then?

The Iron Tides first started as a dice-based paper prototype. Sam spent the time building a deck using an interchangeable board, enemies, ability-based heroes, and a resource/energy system that we now refer to as Fury Points. He took ownership of the project and brought it to life -- without Sam, this project may have never seen the light of day! Over time, the paper prototype grew and grew, until one day we realized we had to start building the world through a digital landscape. We chose the PC.


4. Who do you think will like the Iron Tides?

The Iron Tides is designed for the type of player who enjoys light-weight strategy, resource management, and board games. We've put a lot of thought into procedurally generated enemies and exploration too, so the game plays as an endless adventure which is addicting and easy to understand. We expect to have boss fights, a roster of six characters, and basic base building using all the resources you pillage! We honestly can't wait players to try it. 

5. When can we expect to see the Iron Tides?

The game is in it's early development, but our alpha prototype (see the link below) is about 50% complete. We expect to launch onto Kickstarter by September 28 2016, and we are so very eager to share a game we're passionate about! I can't wait to meet a community of gamers who love what we do! Please reach out to us and join our Facebook page!

Contact Email: support@irontides.com

Try our alpha demo here: www.irontides.com/alphabetagamer

If you are a Twitch or Youtube streamer, please remember to tag Iron Tides for a chance to win free Steam codes upon release!

We have a mailing list here that you can subscribe to: http://eepurl.com/bv-JAT 

Sign up so we can alert you when we go live with Kickstarter, we'd love your support.

Thank you!



Learning How To Read Player Testing

Play Testing 101

Have you ever had the opportunity to test your special project with friends? Asking friends to try your game is an easy way to gather constructive criticism, but by the time your game receives any "real" attention, your friends will no longer be around to help you. Game development can be a long and tiresome journey, we as developers had best be prepared in order to handle new players and challenges. Today we examine how to read through the opinions of play testers and distill what they mean when they say, "That was fun!"

 Iron Tides visits San Francisco to participate in the 2016 Indie Showcase.

Iron Tides visits San Francisco to participate in the 2016 Indie Showcase.

1. There is confusion.

No new player will immediately understand the unique nuances of your game. From the game controls, to the concept, and game objective, there is no direct link granting players unlimited knowledge into your game. In fact, the faster you get your player to understand the fundamental essence of your game, the easier it is to transition to rules and restrictions. Just remember there will always be the initial confusion of the game, and this requires patience and enthusiasm. Prepare a three to five sentences that best describe your game and practice this as if your life depended on it. Every game experience is an opportunity to watch your player grow from an infancy of understanding to a fully fledged supporter and avid player of your hard work.

 Sam Raski stationed at Casual Connect in San Francisco.

Sam Raski stationed at Casual Connect in San Francisco.

2. There is something players want to change.

 How does this system work?

How does this system work?

Whether they say this to your face, or slip it in between a sandwich of positive and negative comments... There is something the player wants more control over or wants to change. Side note: This does not mean they do not like your game. 

Try to understand that when a player suggests a new way to play your game, they can mean one of two things.

1. The player is engaged and wishes to contribute to the experience in a way that makes sense to the flow of how they perceive the experience. Understand whatever they say is from one perspective and do not underestimate the value of their opinion.

2. The player wishes to help make a better product for you because there is a potential the player wants to play again. The current experience may not yet appeal to your player now... but there is definitely a way to change their mind because the potential is there. This is the opinion you want to hear the most, particularly if the suggestion is something that has been expressed on more than one occasion.

3. Players need time to process new things.

Agame can be experienced in many ways, but games that are good are clear in providing a one-to-one experience where the player feels engaged every step of the way. Other games are better at wrapping all elements together in one succinct game loop but there isn't one rea fits-all game element... Understanding the structure of the game and what the experience has to offer can take time for the player to process. If the structure of the game is complex, the players' opinion may change the longer they stay engaged. You must also be aware that what's engaging right now may also become tedious later.

 Sam Raski explains the basics of the resource system to a new player.

Sam Raski explains the basics of the resource system to a new player.

4. Not everyone is your target audience.

The title itself says it all so don't waste your time trying to sell a concept to a player who is clearly not within your demographic. Instead, focus your passion towards a player who does love what you do and sees the potential for a great experience. There always be at least one person who genuinely enjoys your game. (Thanks, Mom.)

5. Always watch what they do.

Always try to anticipate the needs of your players and watch them as they try to execute the desired outcome. Are players getting stuck? Confused? Where and how often will they express frustration? Listen and watch how the player reacts to in game cues and responsibilities. Sometimes the devil lies in the details, and players are not sure what they are feeling as they play. It's always up to you to understand what is going on their head just by watching their actions.

6. Ask for feedback.

After every play session, it's a great way to ask for feedback in a very neutral way. Try to avoid words that subconsciously suggest the experience was amazing, or poor. Be specific in what you want to know so that you get the best and most authentic result as possible. If you can, try to write everything down for later!

"What did you love about the inventory system?"

should become:

"What did you like or dislike about the inventory system?"

Try asking these questions at the end of your next sessions:

  • Did anything in the game stand out to you?
  • Do you have any feedback or thoughts you'd like to share about the inventory system?
  • What would you change about the inventory system?
  • Was the inventory system clear or unclear?

Always have FUN!

Have fun with your play testers! Always try to be as approachable and personable as possible. Prepare a few statement pieces about your game and be ready to answer any questions before they arise. 

Good luck, future developers!



Iron Tides Survival Strategy

What is the key to any sort of success with your game? If no one is there to play your game, how will you go on to making the next one? Similarly,  if you do not promote your game, who is going to see it?  Iron Tides is an independent game, and we believe visibility is key to survival. It is our duty to scour the waters in search of opportunities to promote Iron Tides.  Our most recent opportunity came at Full Indie - a Vancouver based event for indie game designers to mingle and showcase their work.  

Do not be afraid to show off your game. 

We're preparing for our next chance to show-off Iron Tides in mid July (18-21), when we will be flying down to San Francisco to attend Casual Connect. Iron Tides has been entered into the indie showcase for a chance to win three indie prizes!

The life of an indie game depends on the ability of the game's creators to promote it. Try these things below:

  • Regularly attend events with your game, ask for feedback every single time.
  • Set up a social media page (Twitter, Facebook, IndieDb) and manage your channels wisely.
  • Reach out to editors of press with a well prepared press kit.
  • Get youtubers and streamers involved!

Meet Us at Casual Connect!

We are thrilled with how Iron Tides looks, projected above the heads of an audience, and we look forward to being able to mingle with other developers at Casual Connect.  If any one who is interested in talking indie will be in at Casual Connect, send us an email or a message!  We would love to hear from you. 

Sailing Towards California

Great news, Vikings!  Iron Tides is heading down to Casual Connect in San Fransisco, where we have been nominated for an indie prize in three categories: Best Game Audio, Most Promising Game in Development, and Best Game in Show!  

Casual Connect: July 17 - July 20 2016

These are the dates we will be down in San Fransisco, California.  If there are any Vikings in the area, come out and give us a war-cry!  Hopefully Casual Connect will be ripe for plunder >:] Another shoutout for all of you who have supported us, and we look forward to keeping you updated with our progress as Iron Tides continues to sail towards Kickstarter.